Scam Alert. No document and BVN is required. FCMB Classic Account is a type of Savings Account aimed at the middle and rich class. Dial *329# on the mobile phone number you used to open your FCMB account and follow the instruction. Account number: Your account number with FCMB. This account is a naira denominated account. Q: Can I open a current account with the USSD code? Input the DISPLAYED IMEI or Unique number from the installed FCMB online Token App into the required Device IMEI/Unique number field on the platform. A: Yes, it is fully functional like a normal account with debit card. If it doesn’t work, you then have to register the number by dialing, *329#. Go to FCMB website on, click on Internet Banking at the top right corner (or top left if using phone or tablet), and then click ‘Personal’ from the drop down list. To do this, you have to dial *389*214# from the phone number registered with your bank account. There are different methods to check your account at FCMB. It’s found just below the line under the space for user name. It is a product open to all, particularly to meet the needs of low-income earners and the unbanked segment … Select the account to be debited. The Bank is known for it solid competitiveness in the African banking groups, and even in the domestic market. Let's Get Started Our Premium cards grant you access to millions of ATMs, stores and online websites all around the world where the MasterCard or Visa card logo appears. FIRST CITY ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED(FCAM). Q: I got an error message when I tried making transfer. Also called FCMBOnline, this app was developed by First City Monument Bank for allowing its customers carry out a number of banking operations such as transfer of funds, payment of bills (like electricity bill, Cable Network subscription, bill for internet data services, … A: No, it is not applicable to foreign numbers. This product answers the needs of everyone, particularly the unbanked segment in Nigeria This site ensures that all information sent to us via the World Wide Web are encrypted. You will receive an email message containing your account number, that’s just it, you are done opening an FCMB online account. Follow the onscreen instructions and provid… A: No, it is not different. FCMB mobile banking platform has made mobile banking easier – the mobile recharge codes above are relevant only to those that want to load money from their FCMB account. Choose your preferred from FCMB MasterCard or Visa, both of which come in Gold and Platinum variants. A: Yes, you can make transfers immediately after opening the account. Account Information (ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED AND MUST BE AS MAINTAINED WITH THE BANK) "Perfect to get you into the habit of saving" Select Phone type (Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS) from drop down list. Select authentication code type (SMS/Email or Token Code) and click on 'Continue'. This is the FCMB transfer code, only usable with the available FCMB USSD transfer code. Your telephone number, without the first zero, is your account number. Q: How do I withdraw and deposit money in my Easy account? Family Saving Scheme: Access Bank Savings Account For The Family; What Is FCMB Premium Savings Account. Before you can make use of this combination, you have to first of all activate your account on the USSD platform. Free Banking without charges for first 90days. This is a form of registration and is very easy, you have to do it if you are making use of the code for the first time. A: You can view your account details by dialing *329#. Zero account maintenance fee up to N40million N5,000 minimum operating balance. Email:; Telephone: 07003290000 or 01-2798800; How to secure your account . You may also like to read: How to transfer money with Diamond Bank USSD code to any bank account. Simply open a bank account with your phone number – no document required! FCMB, also known as First City Monument Bank, is a Nigerian bank headquartered in Lagos. It will be communicated once implemented. A: No, it cannot be opened on mobile app, but the account is operated with *329# which has the functionalities of the mobile app. Q: Is this account applicable to foreign numbers? Enjoy the benefits of a savings account that offers competitive interest rates and the flexibility to issue third-party cheques. FCMB will never solicit your personal or security information by email or by phone. Step2. This product answers the needs of everyone, particularly the unbanked segment in Nigeria. The Kids account encourages healthy savings habits at an early age and money management. You can confirm the information provided by our certificate issuer by clicking on the padlock icon on your address bar. You will select the bank type and enter your pin for the transfer to be authenticated. The bank was originally founded as City Securities Limited by Olove Subomi M Balogun, a Yoruba tribal leader, in 1977 and was granted its banking licence in August 19783. It has some features of Current Account while it posses all features related to savings account. Simply open a bank account with your phone number – no document required! With the FCMB Easy Account, you do not need to visit the bank or have data. FCMB charges N10/transaction. Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds. Note: Always make sure you’re dialing the code from the mobile network registered and associated with your FCMB bank account. What you should know about FCMB account balance code The code works on any device type, be it android, iOS, Blackberry, or Java. The FCMB Mobile Money Transfer Code, allows you to transfer (send) money from your FCMB account to any bank in Nigeria from your mobile phone. ACCOUNT FEATURES Zero minimum operating balance It is a personal account. Q: How can I view my confirmed account details? Now, every bank has their own unique mobile banking system through which their customers can access their mobile banking services. This is the same as your regular account and has same features. It’s easy, convenient and seamless A foreign currency account with lower operating limits, for those who want to start saving in FX and salary. To check your FCMB account balance simply dial *329*00# the code must be dialed on the sim card linked with your bank account. The account is a naira denominated account. With the FCMB Easy Account, you do not need to visit the bank or have data. How to check FCMB bank balance. At the end of this article you’re going to thank me but I don’t even need the thank you. The FCMB Classic Savings Account is a compact account that offers comprehensive and flexible banking services to all segments of consumers. Q: Is my phone number also my account number? To transfer money from FCMB to another bank, follow the steps below; Dial *329#, register using any phone type. Receive the money from the agent. To retrieve your FCMB account number is very easy. No opening balance is required. This is to alert you of the circulation of scam emails by fraudsters, requesting customers to update their Account information by clicking on a supposed 'FCMB LINK' webpage link or replying to the email.The web page then requests Customers to provide sensitive information about their accounts, Passwords, ATM Card Details & Personal Identification Number (PIN). Pls I don’t know my fcmb account number. Kindly Update Your FCMB Online Banking Registration Form Please Make Sure You Remember Your Secret Answer. FCMB Transfer Code | USSD Code To Transfer Money From FCMB To Other Banks Via Mobile First City Monument Bank (FCMB) USSD Money Transfer Code. Call the contact centre on 01-2798800 and inform them so … The code which you can use to check your FCMB account is *329*00#. First City Monument Bank AKA FCMB has introduced FCMB USSD Banking in order to make mobile banking much easier and makes banking transaction move swifter and smoothly. What do I require to open an Easy Account? Q: Can I open a mobile app with this account? Your profile is still intact, and you can transact. Please refer to our security page. Before you continue, you have to learn how to activate the FCMB transfer code. What should I do? A: You can deposit up to N300,000 daily with single deposit limit of N50,000. The self-service, stress-free and secured FCMB Easy Account is available on all GSM networks in Nigeria, Can be operated from any location in Nigeria, Allows you to send and receive money to and from friends, families and business partners across all banks in Nigeria, Data is not required to operate the account. If it persists, kindly call customer care on 01-2798800 or 07003290000. I’m forced to post this article on how to retrieve your FCMB bank account number as a result of the above overwhelming questions/queries we frequently receive. 1. Also, withdrawals can be made from any ATM. How to pay money into your FCMB Easy account, A: You can pick up your debit card from any FCMB branch. However, you need to update your profile with the new information. Q: What's the difference between an Easy account and the one opened in the Bank? Q: What kind of transaction can be made with this account? The FCMB Salary Savings Account is an account that offers comprehensive and flexible banking services to all the salaried segments of the consumer space. A: You can deposit and withdraw money from any branch, FCMB agent or any other agent just like your regular account. Or login to the internet banking portal and click on the “no BVN” link. A: You can transfer a maximum of N20,000 per transaction and maximum of N300,000 per day. Click on ‘Register Now’. The Bank Verification Number (BVN) which is an 11 digit number was introduced in Nigeria in other to curbed all forms of financial fraud and theft.The BVN serve as your universal identity (ID) in all the banks and financial institution within the country.So as you can see this is for your own personal banking safety. To transfer from FCMB to other banks, dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds. Fund your account and pick up your debit card. BVN protects customers’ accounts from unauthorized access and issues of identity theft, thus reducing exposure to fraud. The Flexx account is designed to provide banking solutions to youths with fun, service and the future as the cornerstone. The Domiciliary account is designed to help develop savings habits in foreign currency for those customers who regularly receive or need to make payments in British Pound Sterling (GBP), the United States Dollar (USD) and European Euro. You can use the code at any time of the day, 7 days a week — including weekends and public holidays. Afe Harrison May 21, 2020 At 11:00 pm. How To Check FCMB Account Balance On Phone (USSD Code) Here’s how to check account balance on FCMB via USSD code; To check FCMB account balance on mobile phone… Navigate to phone’s dial button, then dial *322*214*0#. What Is FCMB Easy Account. A: This account is operated with secured 4-digit pin and transaction password created while opening the account. What’s next, now that your account is open, simply visit any FCMB branch with your valid ID card and utility bill to move on your account. FCMB have set up their own mobile banking USSD portal through which their customers with a network-enabled mobile phone can easily dial and instantaneously access their personal accounts through their registered mobile phone number and check their account … Transfer to … In a statement, the Bank explained that FCMB Easy Account has been designed to make banking accessible to all Nigerians and will help to achieve the laudable goal of financial inclusion for most Nigerians as set by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Q: Is this account different from a regular Bank account? You can open your FCMB Account from anywhere in the world. FIRST CITY ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED(FCAM). Checking your Account Balance with FCMB Mobil Plus The Domiciliary account is designed to help develop savings habits in foreign currency for those customers who regularly receive or need to make payments in British Pound Sterling (GBP), the United States Dollar (USD) and European Euro. FCMB Online Account Opening. Like others, it is quite simple and short. Receive and transfer money to/from any bank account in Nigeria. Q: Thinking of opening an account, however what package does your Bank have to offer to a starting SME like me? How to Change Your FCMB USSD Code PIN. You Will Be Required To Supply It. If your account is Naira, simply provide your bank with the appropriate details above depending on the currency you are sending. Do you own a bank account with FCMB and you usually get frustrated having to go to the bank just to check your account balance, well don’t feel bad because in this article, you will be learning How to check FCMB Account Balance using your mobile phone. The pin which is only known to the account holder is required for every transaction on the account. A: Please read the error message to understand the issue and try again. Transfer money to any FCMB Agent or agent. Methods for Checking Your FCMB Account Number How to Check FCMB Account Number with FCMB Mobile Plus:. Kids account is a savings account designed for kids between ages 0 to 17. Currency: Naira . A: This is not available now. Q: Is it fully working as the normal account with debit card? Check Account Balance. FIND OUT MORE Reply. With the code, the bank customers can check their account balance and as well confirm their bank number in a few seconds. A foreign currency account with lower operating limits, for those who want to start saving in FX and salary. Hope with this, you have learnt How to check FCMB account Balance with any phone. Pay cash into your account at any FCMB branch or Agent Banking location, Select FCMB Easy Account from the list of Banks, Enter your phone number without the first zero, for instance. In addition, you can see my earlier post on how to recharge your phone from any bank in Nigeria , especially for those that don’t use FCMB. To do this, kindly call our Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or 0700 329 0000, send an email to or visit any FCMB branch for assistance. Beneficiary Bank: First City Monument Bank Ltd, Swift Code: FCMBNGLAXXX Account Number: 11871684 IBAN: GB20CITI18500811871684 Beneficiary Name: Your Name. Thanks for choosing FCMB. A: There is no difference in operation, however, the account number is your phone number. Flexx account is a saving account designed for Youths between the ages of 18 to 30. This account is not inferior to other bank accounts. If opening an account for a minor (0 - 15 years), a scanned copy of child’s birth certificate and passport photograph will be required. Fixed charge as low as N6,350 on N40million debit turnover. BVN means Bank Verification Number and is a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry. Fidelity Bank: Send your account details, BVN, Mobile number, date/bank of enrolment and date of birth via mail to or call 080034335489 for update. 10. Transfer FCMB Account Dial *329#, then press 2 to register as a FCMB customer by entering your account number (if you haven’t registered before), follow other instruction provided to transfer money. How To Check FCMB Account Balance If you have not yet registered for USSD banking on FCMB you must first Dial *329# , register using your phone to carry out your transactions, data is not required. ... an account with fcmb recently but I was asked to come back and my couldn’t permit me to,pls I need an assistant the bank has sent me my bvn pin but they couldn’t send me my account … First you need to visit any FCMB branch to carry out a customer profile update to reflect your new number. The bank makes the customer their priority as they have great platform for customer services. All I want is your problem to be resolve. A: This account is not for SMEs. Q: Can I make transfers immediately after opening the account?