They’re ideal if you‘re only interested in listening to music or other audio while having your hands free as you work around the house, run, or hike. These glasses generally cost between $14 and $70. Rs. You can transfer the data via Bluetooth and WiFI to an app on your smartphone or another device. Best price guaranteed! Size: Just like traditional glasses, you want smart glasses in a size and style that flatter you. The new $179-and-up Vue Lite glasses ditch some of the fancier features to focus on Bluetooth audio, with standard speakers instead of bone conduction, a microphone for calls and your … Buy Now. Water resistance: If you lead an active lifestyle and plan to wear your smart glasses in or around water, look for a water-resistant pair. There are many smart glasses options on the market, which can make shopping a little overwhelming. How do you charge smart glasses? Free your hands. Some also allow you to watch videos. Nylon frames are extremely flexible and do well in temperature extremes, so they work well for people who are outdoor enthusiasts. Technology allows for constant entertainment via texting, animation, and more. Glasses are water-resistant and can be submerged in shallow water. Smart glasses with video capabilities pose some privacy issues. RealWear Store. Plus Free Shipping and 100 day returns. Check out Men's glasses at SmartBuyGlasses USA. Get two pairs of Vue with your choice of colors and styles, at 39% off the combined expected retail price of $538. Even though smart glasses leave your hands free, wearing them while driving can be very distracting and dangerous. Snap Spectacles only cost $130 / £105 / AU$170, while the Google Glass SDK was priced at $1,500 (£1,000 / about AU$1,956). Something went wrong. Many people prefer glasses that come with a case because you don’t have to worry about the glasses getting damaged while they’re charging. Like, Subscribe, Comment and Press the bell icon to get notified about my latest videos. It depends on the model. $799 .99. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per square foot … Tinted lenses can keep you from squinting in bright light, but if you plan to wear the glasses indoors, you may not want dark lenses. Charging case, USB cable, and cleaning cloth included. These offer durable frames and special features like UV protection, polarization, and water resistance. The most expensive smart glasses usually have acetate frames. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — Free your hands. The most basic pair, which I … Transcending smart glasses and industrial tablets. Smart-glass startup View CEO says its business is poised for growth after it goes public via SPAC merger LEARN MORE Dec, 2020. Pros: HD video. Smart glasses come with frames made of a variety of materials. Like a computer, smart glasses feature a central processing unit, but it’s small enough to be housed in one arm of the frames. Buy Genuine Men Headphones With Calling Feature. You can also find some lower-end combination smart glasses in this price range. Some even allow you to watch videos through streaming services with built-in WiFi. Most smart glasses come with a USB cable for charging the battery. Speculations say that the company will release Glass for a price similar to a mid-range smartphone, around $600 (£355). Apple Glass price According to Prosser the Apple Glasses are currently priced at $499, plus prescription fees. Smart film is applied to existing glass while smart glass is installed just like regular glass. 32 gigabyte memory for up to 60 minutes of recording. Not the sturdiest in terms of material and structure. Rs. View Smart Windows to Surround Uber’s New … In fact, some jurisdictions have laws against driving with smart glasses because it’s believed they contribute to accidents. FREE delivery, 100 day returns & 2 year warranty. All units now … Battery can run 3+ hours. Unlike other smart glasses, which rely on outward-facing cameras and motion or touch controls, Vaunt gets rid of these features entirely. This is especially important for glasses you plan to wear outdoors. They offer more durable frames and other features like water resistance or UV protection. Instead, dampen a cloth and wipe it over the glasses to clean them. FREE delivery, 100 day returns & 2 year warranty. Most cost between $14 and $1,000.