} function Adam3() { red2.src = "red2.gif"; var kevin=0; document.textbox.fillitup.value = "Click the button after you finish"; Change ('grega', 'red1'); Change ('steveb', 'yellow1'); Change ('mikea', 'red1'); if (bryan==1) Change('bryand', 'correct'); function Rob3() { Change ('charliec', 'green2'); adam=1; function Mike2() { Change ('gregb', 'yellow2'); Change ('steveb', 'yellow1'); jack=1; Change ('jackd', 'blue2'); English/Spanish - Animals Cognates 1 of 8 Use this 'Cognates: English/Spanish - Animals' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. function Jack1() { Change ('peterd', 'blue1'); Change ('toma', 'red1'); Change ('tomc', 'green1'); var total=0; **This is a bonus worksheet! var edward=0; Also included in: Spanish Build Your Own Bundle ~ Special Order for Carmela, Also included in: Spanish Cognates UNIT BUNDLE (Updated for DISTANCE LEARNING!). } 1. Change ('edwarda', 'red2'); function Charlie4() { Change ('harveyd', 'blue1'); Change ('charlieb', 'yellow1'); } } Change ('miked', 'blue1'); if (tom==1) Change('tomd', 'correct'); Change ('mikea', 'red1'); This product features a set of 32 task cards. Please, read and, most importantly, listen to the list-based words here. Aug 15, 2017 - Explore Elizabeth Webster's board "cognates", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. function Bryan2() { Gravity. If you have Spanish-speaking students Change ('kevinb', 'yellow2'); var bruce=0; } var peter=0; harvey=0; function Wayne4() { Change ('harveyc', 'green1'); I use this in Spanish 1 classes on September 11th. Change ('jackb', 'yellow1'); Change ('kevina', 'red1'); Without even knowing the translation see how many if you Included are 20 animal cognate sets—displayed as a whole on the Poster, as sets of three on the Cognate Strips(English Change ('petera', 'red1'); document.textbox.fillitup.value = "Your number correct is " + total + " ; " + total*5 + "%"; Change ('adama', 'red2'); } function Kevin4() { } Each task card in this set features a cognate-heavy, short reading in Spanish about an animal. function Peter1() { Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. green2.src = "green2.gif"; var bryan=0; Implement these fun lesson plans and activities for beginning Spanish students to help them feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence as they start their first year of Spanish! The story talks about a family that takes a trip to South Africa to go on safari. Change ('toma', 'red1'); Regular > Regular. Change ('mikea', 'red1'); red1.src = "red1.gif"; While English may share very few cognates with a language like Chinese, 30-40% of all words in English have a related word in Spanish. Includes: Change ('edwardc', 'green1'); } Change ('phillipc', 'green2'); } Change ('edwardb', 'yellow2'); function Tom1() { } frank=0; Change ('leonb', 'yellow2'); INTRODUCTION TO COGNATES [15 minutes] 1. Change ('bryand', 'blue1'); Afterwards students fill in the back to review numbe, Welcome your students to Spanish with los cognados! var frank=0; Lesson 8. } Created by. Change ('phillipc', 'green1'); tom=0; Test. Change ('jackd', 'blue1'); Change ('jackb', 'yellow2'); Change ('phillipc', 'green1'); Another important note for Spanish speakers is the use of -tion in English as it is the equivalent of -ción in Spanish. Spanish 1 Day 6 Reading, Spanish Cognates, Spanish Countries, Minute by Minute Spanish with Ellen Shrager, Spanish Cognates Reading: Lectura con Cognados (100% in Spanish), READING & LANGUAGE ARTS COGNATES Poster - English & Spanish, Beginner Spanish Readings: 4 Lecturas @30% off! jack=0; Lesson 5. function Tom3() { if (greg==1) Change('gregc', 'correct'); insect ~ Sp. Change ('edwardd', 'blue1'); victor=0; } (Reading in Spanish, Instructions & Questions in Spanish) 25 slide African Animals Lesson to accompany above lesson; 1 page quick read. Change ('peterd', 'blue2'); kevin=0; } Here are two quick cognate heavy paragraphs that I give to my Spanish 1 students within the first couple days of class. Change ('jackc', 'green1'); Change ('dirkb', 'yellow1'); The story is about how once a year, a little monkey sings the zookeepers to sleep then proceeds to wake up all the animals in the zoo with his little marimba for an energetic fiesta. Comprehensible Input Animals, Spanish Cognates Reading: Lectura con Cognados. Due to common Latin and Greek roots, English and Spanish share a large number of cognate pairs. Change ('adamc', 'green1'); } } Animales from A to Z (af filiate link) by Pat Mora. function Bryan1() { Change ('robb', 'yellow2'); NOUNS. charlie=1; }. I photocopy the two pages front-to-back. if (edward==1) Change('edwarda', 'correct'); function Victor4() { Change ('phillipb', 'yellow1'); harvey=0; bruce=0; blue2 = new Image(); Spanish-English Cognates Cognates are words in two languages that share a similar spelling, pronunciation, and meaning. phillip=0; Change ('robd', 'blue1'); Feb 5, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Suemone Christian. Change ('stevea', 'red2'); Change ('kevind', 'blue1'); Change ('charliec', 'green1'); Change ('stevec', 'green1'); Cognates are a bridge to the English language for Spanish-speaking students because many English and Spanish words have similar or identical spellings. Change ('leonc', 'green2'); if (victor==1) Change('victora', 'correct'); Change ('tomd', 'blue2'); } Change ('tomb', 'yellow1'); } The day ended and Carlos and his parents went back home, tired after a whole day of learning about different animals. If you  like the ideas in this lesson, please consider using the template that includes several songs by clicking  here.Video Pre-View of DTG Day 6 Spanish 1 with 20, This 4-page file includes: (100% in Spanish)~A simple Spanish reading including over 40 Spanish English cognates for beginner students to learn to recognize them. { Change ('leond', 'blue1'); } Cognates reading: On safari3. } Change ('kevina', 'red1'); function Kevin3() { green1 = new Image(); Change ('bryanb', 'yellow1'); Change ('victora', 'red1'); Spanish cognates are words that sound the same (or almost the same) in English and have the same meaning in both languages. These skills are crucial to se, Welcome your students to Spanish with los cognados!Fun activity for beginning Spanish students or a great review for an intermediate student. Change ('victord', 'blue1'); if (mike==1) Change('mikea', 'correct'); actual. languages spanish english animals cognate cognates vocabulary esl meaning Change ('gregc', 'green1'); See the IELex page for animal for the full table. This includes seven listening activities focused on listening for cognates, ranging in difficulty. } Change ('mikeb', 'yellow1'); All about African Animals. } Match. These are called “perfect cognates” because they are written the same in both English and Spanish. function Leon3() { mike=0; Change ('stevea', 'red1'); actor (actor) A perfect cognate, actor has its accent on the last syllable. yellow1 = new Image(); blue2.src = "blue2.gif"; var tom=0; It is also included in this Cognates Lesson! Change ('adamd', 'blue1'); Change ('edwarda', 'red1'); Change ('leond', 'blue2'); Comprehensible Input, Spanish Build Your Own Bundle ~ Special Order for Carmela, Spanish Cognates Reading Activities with Digital Version, Spanish Cognates UNIT BUNDLE (Updated for DISTANCE LEARNING! Change ('frankc', 'green1'); Change ('robc', 'green1'); Change ('bryanb', 'yellow1'); Have your students read over the passage that is full of cognates. } peter=0; Change ('victord', 'blue2'); Then, have them write what they THINK the word might mean. Cognate classes in brackets denote loanwords. carpet and carpeta .